Into the Dreams...and Horror Experiences

Into the Dreams...and Horror Experiences


Dream is a spiritual experience all of us have. What can your dreams tell about you?Based on the actual readings of mysterious dreams and psychic phenomena by a spiritual master, Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, this movie unveils the hidden messages behind nightmares, sleep paralysis and horror experiences. The spiritual experiences in this film are so real, yet beyond your imagination...



Into the Dreams / Horror Experience

The theme song and insert song for the movie. "Which is more scary: the dream or the reality?" These songs are about the truths of dreams, which most of us ponder at one point or another. They will take us to the mysterious world of dreams and the spirit world. 


The World of Mystery

The image song of the film. You may not be able to see it, but it's there. With a light and heart-warming yet a bit sorrowful melody, this heartful song sings about the heart of angels who watch over us from an invisible world.

cast & Crew


Taka Octz 


A Japanese director and producer. Taka engaged in planning and creating a radio show, “Angel’s Wake-up Call” and a TV show “Mirai Vision”. He also took part in the promotion of the movies, “The Mystical Laws” (2012), and “The Laws of the Universe - Part 0” (2015). He made his debut as a film director with the documentary film, “Life is Beautiful” (2019). His second documentary film, "Living in the Age of Miracles" (2020), received 7 awards in 2 countries including Best Documentary at Prague Independent Film Festival.

This film is based on spiritual experiences that actually happened. I talked to the five people who actually experienced it, and worked on the production while thinking "How can we genuinely portray their real experiences as the truth?" I hope many people will enjoy it.

Ryo Aoki 

as Keiji Kamiyama

Ryo was born in Saitama, Japan. Appeared widely in movies, dramas, stages, commercials, etc. In the movie "Twiceborn" (2020), he played a friend of the main character, Satoru Ichijo. His movie credits include “Immortal Hero“ (2019) and “Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of ‘Painted Skin’”. His stage credit includes "Shakespeare 'The Winter's Tale" (2018).

“The world of mystery certainly exists right by our side." I felt this from the bottom of my heart when I played Keiji Kamiyama. The words, “Dreams” and “Horror Experiences” may be hints to find the truth. I am grateful that I was able to be the guide to open the mysterious door, and I strongly believe that you have the key to that door within you.

Mei Yamagishi

as Aoi Ueno

Born in Saitama, Japan. Debuted in 2019 with a stage production. In the film "The Real Exorcist" (2020), which won #1 on the weekend box-office for 5 consecutive weeks, she played the role of a high school girl. This year, she also appeared in the movie "Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of ‘Painted Skin’” (2021).

“Dream.” It is something that everyone has experienced during sleep. What do we feel and think when we know the truth of a "dream"? I hope you can feel the joy of knowing the unknown world through Aoi Ueno who I played.